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Contact:+86-13989588747 (Ms. Meng)
               +86-13819571945 (Ms. Yang)


  High efficient water reducing agent of sulfamate

Main technical performance:

         1. Appearance: dark brown-red liquid

         2. Water reducing ratio of concrete: ≥20%

         3. Solid: 27%±0.5%

         4. PH value: 11±0.5

         5. Fluidity of cement paste: ≥220 (water-cement ratio 0.29, dosage is 1.5%)

         6. Water reducing ratio of mortar: 17±0.5  (dosage is 1.5%)

         7. Sodium sulfate: ≤ 3.5%

         Note: Based on standard cement 

Using methods and precautions:

          Dosage: 0.8%—2.0%  (based on the mass of cementitious material) .


         1. Do experiments before use

         2. this product should be kept in a sealed container to prevent leakage and evaporation, should be delivered with tank car and the effective preservation period is six months; if expired, qualified products are still usable after tested.

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