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Contact:+86-13989588747 (Ms. Meng)
               +86-13819571945 (Ms. Yang)


Founded in August, 2002, Zhejiang Qinyan Technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino-British joint venture. Located in Shangyu Industrial Park of Hangzhou Bay in Zhejiang province, we now have 45,356sqm of lands, USD 2.0 million of registered capital and CNY 227 million of total assets, including CNY 166 million of net assets and CNY 28.29 million of net fixed assets.

We have obtained a lot of honors since 2003: "Top-100 enterprise of Shangyu city for comprehensive strength". "Top-50 taxpayer" of Shangyu city, "AAA credit-ranked enterprise" of Shangyu city, "Good enterprise for reducing discharges" of Shangyu city, "Good enterprise of Shangyu city for making innovation independently", "Good enterprise of Shangyu city for safety production"; "Top-100 foreign-invested enterprise" of Shaoxing city; "Hi-tech enterprise" of Zhejiang province.

Our main product is Methyl C ACID (an intermediate of organic pigments): as the biggest manufacturer of China, we annually can produce 12,000 tons of Methyl C ACID. Now, our Methyl C ACID is well sold in more than 10 countries and regions such EU and USA, and occupies 75% of global market. We are the drafter of Chinese standard for Methyl C ACID, and own the "drafter certificate of Chinese standard for Methyl C ACID" issued by AQSIQ and Standardization management committee. We are the inventor and only manufacturer of Ethyl C ACID in the world. Now, our Ethyl C ACID is mainly sold in the market of EU and USA. As the researcher and manufacturer of Sulfamate high efficient water reducing agent and diffusant, we own the Chinese patents of these two products. Now, we annually can produce 100,000 tons of Sulfamate high efficient water reducing agent and diffusant, which are being used by a number of users for high cost performance and excellent application effects.

Now, over 35% of staffs have college education and 28 of them have junior technical titles at least. We hire the experienced technicians and found technical R&D center, which has successfully established closely cooperative relationships with Ningbo Academy of CSA, Shanghai Tongji University, East China University of Science And Technology and Donghua University, etc. At present, we are the R&D base of Donghua University for dispersant, and the R&D base of Shanghai Tongji University for water reducing agent. Up to now, we have had 9 patents for utility model and one invention patent of China. Moreover, we applied invention patents of China for 4 technical achievements, including Continuous preparation of CLT acid in catalytic hydrogenation reduction method, Modified aliphatic water reducer, Modified disperse dye diffusant and high efficient water reducing agent. Therefore we were approved as a hi-tech enterprise of Zhejiang province now.

We have certificated to ISO9001 and ISO14001 management system, and obtained the "authentication of credibility". Taking "first-call quality, first-class service" as goal, and abiding by such tenet of "honesty prior, customer supreme", we establish strict quality management system, product inspection system and complete traceable system under the supervision of leading liquid chromatographs. Now, we are highly appraised and trusted by customers all around the world for zero-defect of product, zero-distance of service, zero-goods-return of dealer, zero-complaint of customers, 100% of customers' satisfactions and 100% performance rate of contracts!
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